4 Steps to Living a Successful Life

Ever feel like you are running on the “habitrail” of life?  You know, those little wheels that gerbils run around incessantly on, getting nowhere.  I think as human beings, we all fall into our ruts – in the form of our routines, our habits and the mindless tasks that we do to keep everything moving smoothly.  It is so often that we hear, “I don’t have time”, “I am already oversubscribed”, “I am too tired” – or something along those lines of conditioned helplessness.  Don’t get me wrong, this has happened to me many times too.  The trick is to set yourself up to win – and recognize when you have wins, regardless of how small they may be.  Most truly successful people arrive at their destinations by taking small, deliberate steps each and everyday – and capturing the win and celebrating it.

Intention in all things matter.  If you start your day with the goal of getting through it, there is no accountability for your outcomes – other than the obvious one of getting through the day.  However if you start your day with your intentions clear and focused, you proceed through the day with goals.  This may sound simple, but actually in practice very few people have clear and focused outcomes.  If you take stock of your day, each and everyday, by the end of the week you realize that you have moved all of the goals that matter to you forward.  GIVE IT A TRY!

4 Steps to Living a Successful Life

  1. Find Fulfillment:  First and foremost – find your fulfillment.  What are you passionate about?  What can you do today that will move you towards your outcome.  Instead of focusing on all of the “tasks” of the day, start each day with 3 outcomes that will make you feel like you truly accomplished something toward your ultimate goals.
  2. Raise your standards:  Kick it up a notch – when you think about what you want and how you will approach each goal, stop holding back.  We are all capable of way more than we ever dreamed of – so start dreaming big and planning for something even bigger.  Don’t allow your fear or insecurity to determine what you get out of life.  Instead, step into your inner child and believe in your abilities.  As humans, we are only utilizing 10% MAX of our brainpower – you are no different.  Start raising the bar on your outcomes and start planning them each day.
  3. Live your Mission:  It is hard to accomplish the first two points if you haven’t found your Mission.  Your Mission is what juices you, what defines you, your purpose according to you.  If you feel overwhelmed at the commitment of deciding what your “Mission” is, just focus on what you love.  Even if you cannot partake in that full time right now, you can take small steps each day to move you towards your dreams.  Once you truly BELIEVE in your Mission with absolute certainty you will find a way.
  4. Progress = Happiness:  True success is not a bank account or even an accomplishment – because when you get to where you wanted to be, or make the money you wanted to make, you are already focused on your next benchmark.  As human beings, we are programed to progress in our lives.  Progress is the main ingredient for Success and Happiness.  ACTION is the main ingredient for Progress.  It is almost impossible to be truly happy if we are not progressing in ways that are meaningful to us and it is almost impossible to progress if you are not taking Action.  Therefore, write down 3 small actions each day that will help you progress towards your goals.  That will bring a smile to your face and get you the journey you were looking for.  Remember, it is not the destination, it is the journey that brings sustainable happiness into our lives.

By applying these principles, you will be on your way to a happier, more fulfilled and successful life.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start today!  I promise you a year from now you will thank me!  So stop procrastinating if there is anything you want to do, experience, achieve – today is the day.

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