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The SHINE idea and concept originated from Lauralouise – looking for a title for a new book that she was writing. Anric and Lauralouise met in New York city, each of them brandishing highly successful careers in finance (i.e. made lots of mistakes) fell in love and decided to spend their lives together (literally).
So at first they worked side by side building asset management platforms, critical resource funds focused on food, water, energy and scarce resources but constantly felt that there was a better way.
It seemed the world of capitalism and philanthropy were distinctly separate worlds; that the latter could not exist without the former and that they certainly should not co-exist simultaneously. Well, the rest is history, they changed their entire universes, broke the moulds and built a business that does good by doing good. The SHINE Companies LLC

In world dominated by celebrities, fake news, instant gratification and selfies, true SUCCESS seems to have fallen by the wayside and replaced by the latest fashion, the latest phone and the  number of virtual likes on some arbitrary platform.


With so much misleading info, fake propaganda and sales gimmicks disguised as advice, no wonder we are all confused. Here we explore, share and discuss true life remedies for restoring your health, making great choices and reclaiming your power.

Don't know who to believe anymore ? Tired of the all the self serving haters out there. Join us on a journey to understand, practice and live a life filled with authentic integrity and how to pass this gift on to others.

Since the evolution of the cell phone into an always on self publishing device, it seems that the world has become more selfish, self obsessed and dysfunctional. The greatest gift of live is giving, lets do this together and restore our goodness by focusing on the Needs of Others

In our quest to produce more, consume more, live a better life we have forgotten to take care of our environment, and only we, one person at a time making a difference will truly fix the world. Lets do this together, lets get started, every little adjustment makes a huge difference.

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