Anric Blatt was born to German parents in Windhoek, Namibia (then known as South West Africa), grew up as a free range kid traversing the desert. He went everywhere by bike, even across the desert and developed a serious love of the outdoors and traveling at an early age. Whilst attending university in Cape Town South Africa he started building businesses and hasn’t stopped.

After several years in Johannesburg, he emigrated to Hong Kong where he shaped his career in financial services for firms like Mondial and Horwath International before building the Asian businesses for Kenmar and Forsyth Partners. In 2003 he again went off on his own, relocated to Switzerland, found some terrific partners and built Infiniti Capital AG – the Swiss based multi management group.

During this venture, he met Lauralouise and they started working together, building the Global Fund Exchange Group – an asset management platform focused on talented emerging managers and scarce resource portfolios. Together they launched and built The Earth Wind & Fire funds, a family of funds focused on Food, Water, Energy, both traditional and alternative, The AquaTerra Fund as well as other scarce natural resources.

He now spends his time between Florida, Colorado, Italy and still traveling the world.

  • Languages: German, English and working on Italian

    My wolf pack

  • Favorite City:  Siena, Italy
  • Favorite Foods: everything except fluffy fusion food
  • Starsign:  LEO
  • Favorite Movies:  A Wonderful Life & A Good Year
  • Favorite Quote:  You become the average of the 5 people closest to you
  • Favorite Book:  The greaters salesman on earth by Og Mandino
  • Dislikes:  Selfies, automated phone systems, being late,
  • Loves:  Traveling, reading, technology, family hangouts in PJ’s, watching movies with LL and the dogs