Lauralouise Blatt, Founder of The SHINE Companies, a business spearheaded out of the desire from a young age to “Make a Difference” by being a defender of the helpless and by being a Force for Good and for God.

Lauralouise grew up in Woodbury, Long Island.  Always a diligent worker she purchased her first house at age 21, after working for her parent’s real estate business during college.  After college, Lauralouise headed to New York City where for 25 years she served as CEO, COO and Managing Director of investment funds operating around the world including Europe, Russia, Asia and South America in global macro, energy, impact assets and emerging markets.  Lauralouise is currently the CEO of Global Fund Exchange, Co-Founder of The Little Baby Face Foundation and previously COO at First New York Capital and Managing Director at EGS, Croesus Capital and Argonaut Capital.

 During research on her Earth Wind & Fire Funds, a family of funds focused on Food, Water, and Energy, she developed a burning passion to create a more meaningful lifestyle for people everywhere in the pursuit of bringing outstanding success, health and vitality to their doorstep.  This partnered with a renewed respect and appreciation for the world we live in and the preservation of our planet brought forth the vision for The SHINE Companies.

 SHINE is a company focused on giving you your life back. Bringing you to a state of power and vitality that can only be accomplished when you’re feeling vibrant, alive, healthy and fulfilled.  SHINE represents these 5 key ingredients:


Bringing access to good advice, life hacks, shared tips and tricks, inspiring stories, great books, efficient and effective products and powerful tools that represent the SHINE Philosophy and will inspire more SHINE in your life.

  • Loves: authenticity, children, dogs, horses…actually, all animals, creating playlists, movie nights, Jamma Time (family PJ time), cooking, dancing, driving stick shift, dinner parties, skiing, hiking in the mountains, research, renovating houses, improving at anything, jogging on the beach, Making a Difference
  • Dislikes: arrogance, bullying, detractors, takers, fakers, haters, indecisive people, unmade beds, stingy people, cheap shoes, messiness, abuse of any kind.
  • Believes in: God, country, family, the good in people, silver linings, doing the right thing and fairy tales
  • Starsign: Taurus, what else
  • Favorite meal: Filet Mignon w/ Béarnaise Sauce, Creamed Spinach and Caymus Special Selection.
  • Favorite movies: Gone with the Wind, A Good Year, Hundred Foot Journey, The Blindside
  • Favorite Books: The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard, Leading an Inspired life by Jim Rohn
  • Motto to Live By: Make a Difference…Every Day!
  • Favorite Quotes:
    • It is in your moments of Decision, your Destiny is Determined
    • If you Can’t, Then you Must… If you Must, then you Can!
    • Honor the living things

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