5 Reasons Why Alkalizing Will Change Your Life

What is the Acid / Alkaline Ratio?

The Acid/Alkaline ratio in our body is so critical, that if it is off even slightly we could die.  The human body must be kept in the range of 7.35 -7.45 PH which makes our PH slightly alkaline (7.0 is neutral).  Based on the average Western Diet, most of what we eat on a regular basis is acid NOT alkaline (i.e. grains, meat, dairy, simple carbohydrates, coffee, soda etc.).  This alone makes our bodies work very hard to keep our alkaline PH in check.  Additionally our bodies need to combat the 84,000 chemicals that are in practically everything we eat and everything in our surrounding environment.  Thus, creating yet more acid – and toxins that are making our bodies acidic and ill.  Not to underestimate the human creation and miracle that we are, our bodies fight day and night to keep our PH in balance, the life sustaining range of 7.35-7.45PH.  Not only does that require a lot of energy, but it also takes our body’s focus away from the restorative daily processes, which are to vital to our health and immunity, in order to restore our PH levels and repair the damage acidity has on our bodies.

Alkalizing Changed My Life

Many years ago, before I started alkalizing, I too thought eating a semi-healthy well-balanced diet based on the national recommendations was enough to keep me well.  I was wrong.  On the go, working very long hours in NYC, I started feeling overwhelmingly exhausted.  The more exhausted I felt, the more I craved carbs and acid based food choices.  The more acidity I consumed, the more compromised my immune system became.  I suffered with strep throat, tonsillitis, colds, viral infections, joint inflammation – aches and pains and complete and utter exhaustion.  After exhaustive research and many doctor appointments, I stumbled upon the concept of alkalizing.  Since I appeared to have all the symptoms of acidosis (the opposite of alkalinity), I embraced the methodologies and began practicing them.  To my amazement ALL of my symptoms disappeared and my focus, energy and vitality returned with a vengeance.  Since then, I have made alkalizing a part of my life, and it has truly changed my life.  Below are the reasons why you MUST make alkalizing a way of life, if you want to feel healthy and vital and improve the overall quality of your life.

5 Reasons Why You Must Alkalize

  1. Break the Sugar Addiction:  So many books are dedicated to the topic of sugar addiction – probably the worst legal food you can consume.  Whether you understand the science or not, you know when you just can’t say “NO” to those carbs, baked goods, pastas, pizza, cookies, candy etc.  The BEST way to break the sugar addiction, which is really an acid addiction, is through a Alkalize cleanse.  When you fill your cells with alkaline food and water, it rebalances your cells and detoxifies your entire system.  You will notice that once you are alkaline, you won’t crave those unhealthy sugars/carbs – making a diet plan much easier to stick to.
  2. Fat Reduction:  Accumulation of toxins in the body is one major reason for obesity since these harmful substances are stored away in fat tissue. Acidosis, or excessive acidity in the tissues is a serious problem; it can even be fatal.   When there’s too much acid in the system, or if the acid cannot be easily processed and excreted, weight gain becomes an adaptive mechanism to handle the excess acidity. The body reduces the acidity by storing it in the fat tissue. When people shift to alkalizing or an alkalize cleanse, they experience weight loss from fat reduction, as the body releases the acid stored in the fat cells.
  3. Prevent Osteoporosis:   When your blood stream becomes too acidic, it will steal calcium (a more alkaline substance) from your bones to try to balance out the pH level. Many body tissues, including muscles, are cannibalized to source alkaline minerals, which naturally reduces their functioning.  So the best way to prevent osteoporosis and weakness to other body tissue is to eat lots of alkaline green leafy veggies, super greens, lemon water, or even better a full alkaline cleanse day each week.  I try to do 3 days a week, but at least 2.  It gives me a clean slate each week so my body gets a reset to detoxify.
  4. Energy Surge:  Are you feeling as if your mind is making plans that your body can’t deliver on – or – are you hitting a brain fog or afternoon stupor that leaves you feeling as if you need a nap?  You can change all that.  One of the greatest gifts of alkalizing is the surge in consistent energy levels. It is not surprising since the metabolic pathways function at their highest efficiency when the body has a pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. When the pH shifts out of this narrow range, the focus of the body also shifts to restore the balance, which is why acidosis often precipitates fatigue and lethargy. Reclaim your sustainable energy and full mental clarity, you will be amazed.
  5. Reduce Inflammation:  People suffering from any sort of inflammatory issue, such as gout, arthritis, or even aching muscles, are most likely suffering from an acidic body, that leads to inflammation.  Foods that are alkaline promote an alkaline body.  An alkaline body (which is established in the blood where inflammation can begin) feels energetic, free from joint pain most of the time, and will operate smoothly all the way from its digestive abilities to its overall sense of well-being. If your body is alkaline, you tend to crave healthy, fresh foods and feels great most of the time.

If you, like me, don’t want to settle for less than total vitality and energy in your life, Alkalizing is the game changer you are looking for!  Whether you join me in my 2/3 days a week ritual or do a week a month – you will notice the difference in every area of your life.  Hope you will check back with me and be on the lookout for my new book TheSaving7.


Lauralouise Blatt

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