Great Idea- schedule digital detox

How many hours a day are you hooked up to tech and screens?

If you sat down to calculate it, the number might scare you. It also might give you an insight into the amount of time you waste (gulp!)

We’re up against it because digital media is so compelling and there’s so much choice. You can find anything, learn virtually anything, and discover almost everything! But that does come with a cost. The digital world is a distracted world full of notifications and interruptions. Because it’s so easy to switch from one thing to another, it’s hard to get into your deep work zone. And that’s where you can lose out.

That’s why tools that help you disconnect add a ton of value to your life and your work. When you get creative with pen and paper, there are no restrictions. When you write ideas in your notebook there’s less risk you’ll be pulled down a different rabbit hole. When you plan your life with a paper journal, handwriting helps you connect more deeply with your goals.

Don’t get us wrong… we love digital just as much as you do. Tech has transformed what we’re able to do here and we’re super grateful for that.

But we’re also grateful for the time away from the buzz and the relative silence of analogue.

So this week, think about weaving some digital detox time into your day-to-day. Whether you spend 5-minutes writing your journal, 15 minutes meditating, or 25 minutes reading a real book, this quality, disconnected time will help fuel everything else you want to achieve.