REGENERATE: Low Carb Diet for Easy Weight Loss

REGENERATE is the word I use to describe my Low Carb eating regimen.  The reason is simple, I feel incredibly energetic, full of vitality and have the greatest level of mental clarity when I follow this plan.  Not only that, I lose weight, gain muscle and feel fully fueled for my athletic pursuits.

Low carb eating is nothing new.  In fact, most of mankind has been eating this way for the majority of time that we have been inhabiting this Earth.  Eating the way our ancestors ate really does have redeeming qualities.  It is no wonder they had all the energy needed to plant the fields, hunt, chop wood, maintain their land – all without the benefits of electricity and modern technology. Throughout history, humans didn’t have access to most of the foods that we call “simple carbohydrates” such as processed sugars, baked goods, processed food, soft drinks, fast food etc. We didn’t even start eating grains in a meaningful way until about 10,000 years ago when agriculture was developed, and even then, it was in a very low glycemic form – unlike the over-processed, mass produced genetically modified grains that are most readily available today.

By the way… please don’t be confused with a NO CARB diet, which I do not advocate.  Low-carb meal plans are chock full …..of lots of fresh vegetables and fruits – in fact they are a MUST, and they more than enough satisfy your need for all the nutrients.  I also don’t believe in something so rigid that sets us up to at some point fail.  So, I take one day a week to CELEBRATE – yup, I take off from my regimen and have the meal that I have been thinking about all week.


  • Reduction in Appetite:  Never feel hungry.  When eating low-carb meals, you will notice an automatic reduction in appetite, which leads to effortless calorie restriction. Compare that to the typical low-fat, so called “balanced” diet – which requires you to count calories, portion control and inevitably leads to hunger.  You will also feel a surge of energy and mental focus, as a direct result of cutting carbs out of your meal plan.
  • No Calorie Counting or Portion Sizes:  I think one of the greatest benefits of a low-carb diet is the ability to eat your meals without measuring and weighing and counting….which can truly feels like a life sentence.  I don’t measure or count – I just stick with the foods that I know are low in carbs. I rotate my animal proteins and eat lots of fresh vegetables, salads and low glycemic fruit.  You will feel full longer and end the cycle of craving sugar.
  • Lose More Body Fat:  Losing weight is hard enough – but on a typical low-fat diet, you discover that you are losing more muscle and water weight than anything else, it can be very demoralizing.  And guess what, it comes right back on in the form of fat as soon as you gain any weight back.  The GREAT NEWS – Studies that compared low-carb and low-fat diets showed that the low-carb group lost significantly more body fat, especially from the abdominal area where the “unhealthiest” fat in the body is stored.
  • Never Nutrient Deprived:  Some foods in the western diet actually lead to reduced nutrient absorption.  Grains, for example, are very high in a substance called phytic acid,they can bind to certain dietary minerals including iron, zinc, manganese and, to a lesser extent calcium, and slow their absorption.  Additionally, avoiding wheat (including whole wheat) should lead to improvements in vitamin D levels, because wheat fiber has been shown to reduce levels of this very important vitamin.  Low-carb diets don’t contain wheat, are low in phytic acid and therefore don’t contain substances that “steal” nutrients from the body. Most natural, unprocessed foods that are high in fat like eggs, meat, fish and nuts are incredibly nutritious and especially rich in fat soluble vitamins, which low-fat diets lack.
  • Good For Your Health:  Eating carbohydrates has a big impact on our blood sugar and insulin levels. Restricting carbohydrates in our diet has a direct result in lowering our sugar levels and insulin needs. High sugar levels are linked to almost all chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  By lowering carbohydrate intake, blood sugars are controlled and insulin levels are minimized.

The benefits of a low carb lifestyle alone justify giving this a try.  My whole family feels best on a low carb meal plan.  See for yourself.  Here is my REGENERATE Low Carb Food List.  Get ready for renewed energy, vitality and focus – with the added benefit of greater health and well-being.

Stay tuned for my book TheSAVING7 – a life plan that incorporates my 7 day approach – REJUVENATE (Alkalize), REGENERATE (high quality proteins and vegetables), and CELEBRATE (reward day).


Lauralouise Blatt

Founder, The SHINE Companies

Make A Difference…EVERYDAY