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We’re in the news.

The Little Baby Face Foundation was featured in the news!

Here are a few clips. It’s due to your generosity that we’re able to transform children’s faces and their lives. Thank you.

And don’t forget! If you’re in the NYC area, our annual Spring benefit, Casino Night, is exactly next month on March 22nd.

Expect a fun evening of games, drinks and delicious bites from a reality TV chef.


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Sincerest thanks,

Dr. Thomas Romo

Founder & Medical Director at the Little Baby Face Foundation

Best Charitable Gifts to Make in 2018

With the introduction of tax reform this year, you may be looking at your finances and wondering how you can continue to be charitable. There are many ways you can make a difference at The Little Baby Face Foundation while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Here are some smart ways to give in 2018:

• Donate appreciated stock: With the stock market at or near all-time highs, give your appreciated stocks to a nonprofit like The Little Baby Face Foundation and eliminate capital gains tax.

• Name us as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets: These assets remain taxable when distributed to a loved one but are tax-free when given to a nonprofit.

• Give from your IRA (if age 70½ or older): Regardless of whether you itemize your taxes, this gift helps you fulfill your required minimum distribution and is not considered taxable income.

• Gifts of real estate: Many real estate markets are enjoying gains. Appreciated real estate may be subject to capital gains tax unless donated to charity or transferred to a charitable trust.

Talk With Your Tax Professional

Please consult with your tax or financial advisors to determine the best charitable giving strategies for you.

We Can Help

We are so grateful for your generosity. Please contact Pauline Nicholls at or 212-333-5233 to discuss how your gift can help further our mission